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I Cor 13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


The DOVE consists of 3 elements of Ministry.

1. Faith

2. Hope

3. Charity


1. We believe in God, who is the originator of the seen and unseen creations i.e. the visible world and the invisible world and who is the self sovereign, all power, Almighty, the one who is beyond  the comprehension of human knowledge and wisdom who has foreknowledge, who is the ultimate creator and Finisher, and the God of Seven Spirits.

2. As per his plan of Salvation the same God revealed himself through his Son Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, as the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the history of mankind. And Jesus disclosed the mystery of God on the cross of Calvary in his uttering’s of   his seven words, in which the Seven Spirits of God were revealed. Hence the mystery of God is disclosed.

3. The Holy Bible is the only authentic source for the God’s heart and actions towards   the human kind so that people can put trust in him, we believe.

4. Jesus Christ is the One and only Savior of mankind. He came from the heart of his Father creator, as the ‘WORD’ became flesh, bearing his personality in all respects, He is Second Adam. The only begotten Son of God. He is the visible God in Human form in order to save the human race of all ages. Jesus, the Yeshua, and the Messiah fulfilled all the Holy Scriptures, finding his Kingdom on Earth. Jesus through which womb he came out as Emmanuel as Jesus, was the Holy womb of Virgin Mary.

His life was Holy. He lived on earth for Thirty Three And A Half years in Asia; in the Middle East country called the promised land of Israel. He was killed. He was buried. He came out of the tomb on the third day on Sunday, which is called the Lord’s Day on which the followers of Jesus meet together to worship him. After resurrection he stayed on earth for 40 days and was taken up to heaven to be with his Father.

5.The Holy Spirit is the Glorious body of Jesus Christ. He moves among the churches. He gives peace. He is Comforter. He gives power to the believers to be the witnesses to Jesus, he encourages, He intercedes, and He gives answer in the time of troubles.